$12.99 Alarm Monitoring 

& Home Security


How fast is your alarm & security response time?
Alarm and security response times are within the minute.

Do I need a land line for my alarm monitoring?
For our base alarm and security rate plans yes. However, for an additional $10.00 monthly charge you can add wireless alarm monitoring. This will communicate through the digital network like a cell or digital phone.

Will I have false alarms?
The Honeywell Security Alarm System is the most false alarm friendly system in the industry. A lot has changed in the alarm industry over the last several years. We have more alarm & security systems in field than ever, with fewer false alarms.

How much does alarm monitoring save on my homeowners insurance?
Alarm monitoring and security can save as much as a 20% homeowners discount. An average $1,500.00 insurance premium will receive up to 300.00 per year. Clients will actually make money with alarm monitoring and security services.

Will my alarm system let me know if a door is opened, even if the alarm system is not armed?
Yes. Alarm and security systems come with a chime feature that can be turned on and off. It is a great security feature for kids and pools.

How long are your agreements?
Typical alarm monitoring and security agreements are 1-3 years

How quick can you install my alarm & security system?
Alarm & Security install schedules are usually one week out.

Why don't other alarm & security companies advertise their monitoring rates?
Globelink Security is very straight forward. Every alarm and security customer is treated the same and receives the same monitoring rate.

Why are your alarm monitoring rates so low?
Alarm and security monitoring has an extremely high mark up. Globelink Security owners look for long term alarm & security growth and not a short term sale. The owners are also vested in other companies. This is not their only source of income.

Where does Globelink Security advertise?
Globelink is happy to report that 75% of all our alarm & monitoring business comes from word of mouth. Word of mouth from our own alarm & security customers. We do advertise in the yellow book, direct mail and television. We do pay generous alarm & monitoring referral fees.

Is my alarm & security system compatible?
Globelink can acquire all Honeywell alarm & security systems and about 80% of all DSC alarm & security systems. These are the number one and number two rated alarm & security systems on the market. Some alarm & security companies will lock out there alarm and security panels where no other alarm company can use them.

Do you lock out your alarm & security system?
No! Any alarm company can use the alarm & security systems we install.

Does Globelink have an Alarm & Security license?
Globelink Security is fully licensed and insured to sell alarms, monitoring and security.

What if I have a two story house?
We offer a wireless alarm & security system for homes that we can not run wires. There is no additional charge.

Does your alarm & security system have a panic button?
Yes. This is a standard feature with all Globelink Security Alarm Systems.

Do you have a lifetime warranty?
Yes, for an additional $5.00 per month Globelink will service and maintain your system. It will also cover your system from acts of God and lighting. A $35.00 deductible applies.

Can you raise my rates?
Globelink Security can not raise your rates while under agreement. Unlike other companies that practice rate increases and the customer has no control.

Globelink Security Frequently Asked Questions